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February 2012

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Мои твиты

  • Пн, 13:18: I wish I had seen the Grammys :(
  • Пн, 14:27: I'm so bored. Send me a number and I'll say what I like about you or your page ♥
  • Пн, 14:28: A girl on bbm has 'Hospital with Ross' in her name. Clearly she is preggo ;). Ross is her bf btw! Hahaha
  • Пн, 14:34: #9041990 love your icon. YoungKristen is the best, your also a very nice person ♥
  • Пн, 14:35: #34 your icon is too cute and so are you! Your such a great person, never change ♥
  • Пн, 14:36: My Grandad has this tape player going on :/
  • Пн, 14:36: I don't understand Nonsteners? If they love Rob then why don't they support him with the woman he loves?
  • Пн, 14:37: Kesha, hunny that's you. Soo Kewt! <33 RT @LevineStew: Lucy is so kewt <333333
  • Пн, 14:37: RT @LevineStew: ASDBKDJKASSHS THANKS LUCY <3 “@KrisbiansExist: #34 your icon is too cute and so are you! Your such a great person, ne ...
  • Пн, 14:39: #1234567890 nice number. Like how we both confess to being lesbian for Kristen. Like your sense of humour & your so easy to speak to :) ♥
  • Пн, 17:30: She's a cruel mistress and her temper cannot be tamed ♬
  • Пн, 17:32: Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water ♬
  • Пн, 17:51: Please follow my tumblr! ♥ http://t.co/6DHUYYLH
  • Пн, 17:56: sex is on fire ☆
  • Пн, 18:04: RT @itsallkristen: “I’ve always loved food too much to be a model.” - Jennifer Lawrence. #lol
  • Пн, 18:08: Unpopular Opinion - Some Krisbians really piss me off. They only start fangirling when there is new news and after that they do fuckall..
  • Пн, 18:16: RT @SoDamnTrue: If T. Swift & Bruno Mars went out & broke up, there would be some great relationship songs made.
  • Пн, 19:26: My Gran's car is bloody freezing! :(
  • Пн, 19:34: I need to get my mum to call the guys so I can get a new phone :D
  • Пн, 19:48: I'm gonna Marry The Night ☆
  • Пн, 19:52: I'm such a wee geek. One of my favourite subjects at school is physics!
  • Пн, 19:54: Down the streets that I love in my fishnet gloves, I'm a sinner ★
  • Пн, 19:56: My nail broke and now it hurts :(
  • Пн, 19:59: I hate when people moan about not getting attention on Twitter from their idols. At least your idols have Twitter :'(
  • Пн, 20:00: So many junkies where I live :/
  • Пн, 20:51: How do I put a PSD on to my image?
  • Пн, 21:20: So my Mum says my bf can't come over tomorrow cause I was cheeky. Well she won't be in so I will just go out!
  • Пн, 21:49: RT @VivaLaRobsten: Umm.. why is Kristen embarrassed and why is Rob hitting the bed? http://t.co/3mU0ixsn Did he get a boner or? lmao
  • Пн, 21:50: RT @ddlovato: Alright Kristen Stewart is literally the best.
  • Пн, 21:50: RT @WhenBoys_: When boys shut you up by kissing you